My worst photo is...

Oh, hello! You’ve made it to our ‘about’ page. I didn’t think anybody ever read these but I suppose you’re keen to find out about me. Well, come on in and let’s chat!

My name is Keith Lai. I’m a regular guy, living a regular life with my best friend and wife, Linda, and our two monkeys (children, not actual monkeys), Joey and Ivy, in little old Adelaide, Australia.

I’m not sure how it started but I’ve been interested in photography since I was a kid. Some say, I’ve never actually grown up…and they’d be right! You can hardly tell the difference even though these photos were taken 30 years apart.

Young Keith avatar
Keith avatar

Anyway, back to the photography, maybe it was that odd blend of science mixed with art, or perhaps a way of recording what was going on around me, or maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that I couldn’t draw to save my life! At any rate, no matter how busy life got or which direction it took me I’ve somehow managed to always end up with a camera in my hands.

...the one I never took.

I am blessed with meeting four of the strongest women anyone could ever know – my wife’s grandmother, my mother in law, my wife, and my daughter. Four generations of incredibly resilient, strong willed women. Each of them has their own rich history or will go on to write their own amazing stories. In my mind I always thought it would be such an awesome photo to have all four of them together, each with their lives etched into the lines and furrows of their face. A living tapestry that spanned over 100 years.

Sadly, my wife’s grandmother passed away and I never took that photo. The opportunity to capture four generations of our family history was gone…forever.

It was a hard lesson, but I became more and more interested in the stories of people’s lives, what was important to them, finding out who they really are, and portraying that in the photos I take.

Perhaps you’ve made your own mistakes. I’ve taken countless of photos that were out of focus, blurry, boring, too dark, too light, poorly framed, poorly lit, and some that I can’t even remember what I was taking a picture of. I know that feeling of frustration and wondering why my camera wasn’t taking the photos I could see in my head.

I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes. I’ve also learned just as much from the mistakes and teachings of other great photographers and have dedicated myself to improving my skills both technically and creatively.

I love sharing stories with people, but more importantly, I love listening to other people’s stories. That is why I am dedicated to helping you, the regular everyday guy or gal, take better portraits so you can capture your own story and those of the people whose lives you touch. I’m grateful you’re letting me come on this journey with you. Thank you. Now let’s make some awesome images!

Wishing you every success in photography and in life,

Keith Lai – Dad, husband, photographer, and all-round nice guy ?