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Take Dramatic Portraits Just Like A Renaissance Painter

A lot of lessons can be learned from the master painters of the past. One in particular is Rembrandt. He was a Dutch painter from the 17th century. In fact, his style of painting has become so iconic that it’s regularly used in photography lighting setups. It’s aptly named Rembrandt lighting. That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this article. What Is Rembrandt Lighting? There are two key elements that set Rembrandt lighting apart from other lighting setups.
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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder…And You’re The Beholder!

In this in depth guide you’re going to learn all about clamshell lighting. When to use it. Who it’s best suited for. And how to create it to make people look as beautiful as they feel. It’s an amazing and simple technique. And it can be executed with a simple single light setup. I'll be using the gear discussed in our portrait photography lighting kits for beginners article. So if you’re ready to take better portraits and bring some beauty
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5 Simple Steps To Create Dazzling Portraits With Loop Lighting

In this how to guide you’ll learn all about loop lighting. Find out what loop lighting is, when to use it, who it’s used on, and most importantly, how to do it. If you’re ready to add some depth and dazzle to your portraits then read on. What Is Loop Lighting? Loop lighting is a really basic technique used in photography. It’s traditionally used in studio photography. Although it’s really simple it’s something that a lot of professionals still use
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