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6 Rules Of Composition And Why You Should Break Them

Rules. Love them or hate them they are there. Some of them for good reason. Others not so good. The rules of composition aren’t like regular rules though. You see the rules of composition are more like guidelines. Yes, they are called ‘rules’ but they’re like a pirate’s code. Great if you can stick to them. Also great if you don’t stick to them. Read on. Rules Of Composition I'm about to tell you how to break the rules of
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Portrait Photography Lighting Kits For Beginners – Tight @$$ Edition

If you’re new to photography or just getting started in lighting techniques then this guide will be an invaluable resource. We’ll take a look at the gear needed to build your own portrait photography lighting kits for beginners. Understanding The Purpose Of Lighting In Photography We need to understand the role light plays before we put together photography lighting kits for beginners. Lighting is one of the most important aspects in photography. It is a core factor that influences your
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Stop Missing Once-In-A-Lifetime Photos Because Of Bad Exposure In Photography

Understanding Exposure In Photography - Introduction & Overview  Portraits. They can captivate us. And inspire us. Nailing the exposure in photography just gives it that something and draws you in. Then you think ‘I couldn’t do that’.  Well, I’m going to help you take your portrait photography to the next level and one step closer to those jaw dropping, awe inspiring portraits by teaching you to master exposure in photography. In this comprehensive guide you’re going to learn all about exposure and
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